Thursday, April 13, 2017

Day 10: Pacific Ocean Crossing

All is well aboard SV Terrapin

Our crew member Lora told us that around days 7 and 8 we'll hit a low (mentally) and need to hit a reset button. For she was right. We knew that the hardest part of this passage was going to be mental. Boats (most anyway) are made to withstand worse conditions than they're put through, it's the human part that can take a beating. Lora, Phil and I are doing well but we had a 48 hour period where we experienced small bouts of dehydration and fatigue. We're doing well holding each other accountable for drinking plenty of water and getting plenty of sleep.

Winds have been plentiful and we've been sailing a broad reach this entire time. The sea state sucks and is responsible for 5 days of feeling like someone's trying to through you across the boat at every moment.

Tuesday night at midnight we passed another sailboat. No idea who they were as they didn't respond on the VHF.

SV Beach Flea is still having visits from helicopters. At this point they think it's fun even if the helicopter comes to visit during deck showers and people are waving from the helicopter! Beach Flea could turn off their AIS sender and the helicopters would go away but then they'd lose their entertainment.

SV CAPE D has made landfall. After 4440 miles and 32 days they made it from Panama to Hiva Oa. We can't wait to meet up with them for drinks and burgers.

Vessels that checked in on last nights Puddle Jump net are as follows:

SV Coastal Drifter
SV Danika
SV Slow Flight
SV Me Too
SV Ashika
SV Mayaluga
SV Music
SV Spill the Wine
SV Sky Blue Eyes
SV Fandango
SV Shakedown
SV Abthea
SV Finally Finished

THANK YOU to everyone who's sent us a message. We've responded to each of you...if you didn't get our response look in your Junk/Spam folder.

Tomorrow should mark half way there...we're looking at 120* to cross the equator, maybe in the next 4-5 days. We're getting there, slowly but surely.

-- Sent via SSB Radio

At 4/13/2017 2:50 PM (utc) our position was 09°38.18'N 119°19.14'W


  1. awesome work kids.... me too will be crossing equator today.
    YOU ROCK!!!!
    keep da faith.. please post too many pix whenye get connected to whatever is around...
    hugs all around. you are awesome!

  2. Safe travels! So jealous

  3. It's been fun to track your progress. Super excited for all of you. Hope the girls are holding up well. Please ask them to post more videos and stories. I have three kids (pre school age) and they LOVE watching the videos.

  4. Hay you lot, gotsya farsebook post & hit the incr post to find out that's where you are! Great stuff these days huh, my da learnt to use a sextant and tables whilst building his yacht, to always find himself in the same spot, hahahahaha the back yard! Chin up! aye wot chin chin.... Ed