The Crew

 We are the Nance family who sailed away from San Diego in January of 2015 without any prior sailing experience. We hope to prove to others that sailing with kids on a limited budget can be done and that the greatest adventures to be had when you leave the rat race for the unknown.

Phil originally grew up in Charleston, SC.  Spending most of his childhood and early 20's messing about in boats, he will captain the family on this wonderful adventure while helping "boat school" his girls.  Phil and Aimee met at the University of Oregon in 1997 and they have been mostly inseparable since. He received a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of California - Riverside in 2012.

Aimee grew up in San Diego and spent the majority of her childhood on the beach. Born into a family of landlubbers who get sick at the sight of boats, she is amazed at how well she's adjusted to living at sea and is excited to be serving as first mate. With a  teaching credential and masters degree in education, she enjoys boat schooling her daughters. She hopes that this new adventure will force her to become fluent in Spanish, something she wishes she had done while living in Southern California for most of her life. 

Jessica will be 11 at the time of departure and is excited about the many new adventures that await her. She is especially looking forward to having a more relaxed school schedule.  She can't wait to meet new people, develop her Spanish and to see cute animals along the way. Jessica is currently working on her very own blog that she plans to use to stay in touch with friends while also sharing her thoughts on the cruising life from a kid's perspective. 

Emma will be 9 at the time of departure and is a foodie who is ready to cook new meals for the family on their adventure. She is excited to see how other people in different countries live and learn about different cultures. Emma love animals and is excited to see the many different ones along the way. She also can't wait to try spear fishing! Emma is debating about creating her own Instragram account in an effort to share pictures with family and friends.

Murphy, aka Captain Fluff, was found at the Blind Tiger bar in Charleston, SC in 1999 and is still with us. He's lived in 3 different states, moved to 8 different homes and he's ready to spent his golden years on the boat. Murphy crossed over the rainbow bridge 7/7/2016.