Sunday, April 16, 2017

Day 13: Pacific Ocean Crossing

All is well aboard SV Terrapin

Seas have finally mellowed out some as we make our way to the doldrums. We are beyond excited to hit the doldrums! Can't wait to stand up without being thrown down, maybe cook some food, take a dip in the ocean, start to feel human again and then fire up the engine with the 175 gallons of diesel we saved and motor this bitch to land.

We haven't been able to get a good copy of the Pacific Puddle Jump net so I don't have boats to report.

SV Monarch has left La Cruz for a second time and is headed across the Pacific

SV Me Too, Beach Flea, WIZ and All Day all crossed the equator in the last 2 days.

People have been asking what the girls have been to..not much.

Emma has been trying to read (she gets motion sick) and has been watching movies as well as the TV show I Dream Of Genie on her Kindle.

Jess has been reading a book or two and has been watching TV shows like Modern Family on her Kindle.

Each day we have the girls come out to the cockpit for what's turning out to be a daily event of food fantasies. We dream about our favorite restaurants and try not to drool on each other. Funny we can fantasize about food but we sure aren't eating much. I've thrown over rotten produce we didn't get to eat. I also threw over 60 eggs..there were 2 packages of 30 eggs. Each package had a cracked egg one package had larva in it. Holy Shit. The Smell. I can't even go there.

Not sure which daughter I'm more proud of. Emma who LOVES her bunk has given it to me so that I can sleep. It's the only place I won't get thrown out of bed. I've put her on the settee and she hasn't complained once! Jessica is helping where she can with meals and cleaning dishes taking special care of her little sister. Between myself, Jessica and Phil we're attempting to feed everyone onboard. For the first few days it was just me attempting to feed 5 people.

Second hand news from SV Coastal Drifter: SV Shakedown has lost a kayak and chain plate. They're also out a water pump (not sure if that's for drinking or engine).

We're doing better and hope to be doing great as soon as we hit the doldrums. We're hoping for landfall in Nuka Hiva (not Hiva Oa as previously thought) either 4/25 or 4/26

-- Sent via SSB Radio

At 4/15/2017 3:06 PM (utc) our position was 06°38.50'N 122°15.16'W

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