Thursday, September 17, 2015

Viva Mexico!

Mexico's Independence Day celebrations lived up to all the hype we had been hearing about for months. San Miguel De Allende has been partying all week with yesterday as it's grand finale.  We only caught the last 6 hours of celebration which included the highly anticipated fireworks finale that started late in the evening.

First, was the reenactment of the Mexico's "Ride of Independence" complete with men dressed in insurgent costumes, horses and villagers.  

After dinner, we came out to find traditional dancers and music in the middle of the Jardin. 

One doesn't need to know much about Mexico to know this country has a serious love affair with firecrackers. S.M.A. put on a fireworks show that would have had any OSHA representative on the verge of a full-blown panic attack. Hundreds of fireworks were set up on towers that spun, twirled and threw sparks into the crowd. All of this was followed by some of the largest fireworks ever seen directly overhead. Directly overhead. The whole crowd was dodging burning pieces of falling fireworks while enjoying the show. 

Faces of Mexico's Independence heros in fireworks. 

We officially have less than 2 weeks before we head back to the boat. Leaving S.M.A. is going to be tough, we've had a great time while spending the summer here. 

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  1. Great video! The sound of the bells took us back to when we were trying to sleep through them. Wish we could have seen that----thanks for sharing.