Sunday, July 19, 2015

5 more reasons to love San Miguel De Allende

Festivals - It seems like every weekend in SMA there's a festival, an event to attend, always something to do. This weekend is the International Film Festival. SMA provides a stunning backdrop for any event.

Mariachis- Who doesn't love mariachis? Actually, I can think of a few people. Every weekend gaggles of mariachis stroll through SMA dressed in traditional attire.


Fireworks - The Mexican people love their fireworks. There seems to be no real reason to fire off a few firecrackers. Day ends in "Y"?   Fantastic, lets blow shit up! 
Just this morning we were all awakened at 7am by firecrackers.

Lightening and Thunder Storms-  It's almost been one full month since we moved to SMA and we can only count 3 days without a spectacular lightning and thunder storm.

Consider your first sight of lightning or sound of thunder a 20-30 minute warning to find shelter. Ten minutes after your first lightning sight you can expect that the temperature will drop 5-8 degrees signaling you now have less than 10 minutes to seek a dry place to hide. On several occasions we were not swift enough to seek shelter and the skies opened up as we were literally sprinting to a dry place. Nothing gets a person running like having a downpour chase them down a street. We can actually hear the rain coming from hundreds of yards away. Better run fast!!

However, from a dry, safe place the everyday storm occurrence is a sight to see and only lasts about 30 minutes. 

Breakdancing - SMA has a vibrant group of breakdancers. On any given weekend they're out challenging each other with new tricks and moves. What we love most about this group is their ability to shoehorn themselves in to the middle of everything else going on. With their deafening PA system blaring, they could care less if 10 yards away a traditional Mexican dance class is being held. Friday night they had wedged themselves between the International Film Festival, thousands of visitors and strolling mariachi bands. 

Here's what all of the above mentioned looks like when put together on a single Friday night.

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  1. Love the video, it sounds like your rehearsal dinner! I'm thinking we should bring our umbrella hats since at our age we're not very fast runners.