Thursday, July 16, 2015


As many of you know we hauled our boat out, bought Pepe the loser cruiser and headed to San Miguel De Allende to escape the heat and hurricanes. We expected June to a be a budget buster, which it was.  After we have sold Pepe in October we will post our net loss. 

Many people have asked about different types of insurance not showing up on our Cost to Cruise numbers. We do have insurance on our boat which we pay annually in January, we will post that cost as we pay it. We self-insure for health insurance, which means we do not have health insurance and currently pay all medical, dental and pharmacy fees out of pocket. I will be putting together a blog post soon about our healthcare experiences in Mexico and our expenditures associated to each procedure. 

As always we'd like to thank our "Buy us a Beer" donors. June was insanely hot and we may have drank a few more cold one's to keep us sane. Thank you!! We greatly appreciate it.

Nancy and Ral
John R.
Pop and Kaye
Mary Segars
Peter K.


  1. You got a new dinghy for $50! Awesome!

  2. How do you manage laundry for 6.96??? I can't even find detergent that cheap

    1. Our house in SMA has a washing machine. And as a bonus.....a dryer!