Monday, March 23, 2015

Beers, Bananas, Bums and Bonfires

Yeah. So, we're still in La Cruz! We rolled into La Cruz with the intention of being here just long enough to have the outboard fixed and then we were to head south for a Saint Patricks day party in Melaque.  Then reality hit. Jessica came down with a high fever for 3 days,  I needed to have a tooth pulled, Emma has a perforated eardrum and we had a spell of crappy weather. A few days after we thought we fixed the outboard, it took a dump and is now in the shop. 

While La Cruz hasn't gone as expected, we've still managed to have a great time. We've enjoyed meeting up with friends we made while in San Diego. Last October our marina hosted a handful of boats (many kid boats) that we're sailing the Baja-Ha-Ha, it's been great meeting up with these families as well as making new friends. 

Beer tasting at the Black Forest restaurant

                    Many great times and good laughs with our friend from SV Stochastic

Our newest friends at SV YOLO are a real treat.  We loaded the kids up and went to Sayulita for a good time at the beach and to enjoy their famous Choco Banana's.  As soon as our outboard is fixed we plan to head south and meet up with this fun bunch again. 


Chicken fights at Paradise Village with SV Stochastic and SV Apropos

Hands down the BEST and cheapest place in town. Just up the street from Philo's, El Rey Bombon has some of the best tasting tacos in town. For a whooping 25 pesos you can get either fish, carne or shrimp tacos with enough to make two tacos out of one order. Eating at El Rey Bonbon was the only time that we had enough leftover food, Jessica was able to share some of her carne asada with the stray dogs. 

Lunch with Bumfuzzle and SV YOLO. One of the many blogs we have been following for years is Bumfuzzle. Pat and Ali are true adventurers and their blog is amazing. It was great to finally meet them in person as they helped inspire our adventure from the beginning. 

Attempting to light lanterns at the kids bbq the night before many boats in the area left for the Pacific Puddle Jump.


  1. So glad to see that you've posted more pictures, love seeing them!

  2. Great post. Love you all!!!
    Mom in SC

  3. We stayed in Sayulita and had a great time with great breakfasts at Choco banana's.