Saturday, March 28, 2015

Flying high on beer donations

One concept of cruising is the understanding both financially and mentally that you are not on vacation. 
The past two months has provided many opportunities to own Mexican treasures, masks, jewelry, handmade pieces of clothing, among other enticing items. The beaches of Mexico have also provided the opportunity to try our hand at kitesurfing, sport fishing, parasailing or tearing it up on a waverunner.  All mementos and activities perfect for the vacationing family with money to spend. That is not how one would define a cruising family. While we've done a thorough job of explaining to the girls why we're not indulging like the other families they've seen on the beaches our words are still met with some unhappy grumbles. 

I had the idea before we set sail that if possible I'd love to parasail for my 40th birthday. I still remember the first time I parasailed at an age younger than Emma. I knew that if at all financially possible I would want to share this experience with my family. 

We'd like to thank the many of you who used the "Buy us a Beer" button.  While the button states that we'd be using your donations on beer, I hope you don't mind that I used the majority of funds to pay for our family's parasailing adventure. Many thanks to those who donated and made my birthday unforgettable while also giving our kids the time of their lives.

Teague Family from CA
The Legendary Ben Hungerford
Jim G. from CA
Aimee's Parents
Bolle Family from CA
Nana and Grandaddy
Peter K from FL
Aimee's Grandma

Flying high for the First Mate's 40th!

  Literally within 3 minutes of exchanging money Emma was stuffed into a harness and up in the air. 

The first time in Emma's life where she's admitted to being nervous.


Jess the Mess, who's a constant nervous wreck (that's a whole other blog post..sailing with a kid that has anxiety) was ready for flight after watching her little sister take off. Jess originally didn't want to parasail and was planning on watching from the beach while the rest of us took off.  She's clearly still struggling with the Nance "mandatory fun" policy we have onboard. 

Like his daughters, Phil too enjoyed his first time parasailing. A great time was had by all. 

With the remaining donation funds we did what anyone would expect our family to do, we Nancebombed a resort and used their facilities. Cold beer and nachos to top off our perfect day.

If ever in doubt, always check out pool towels using suite B134

Thanks to those who've donated. We appreciate it.

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  1. Glad you all enjoyed! The first time you went you were only nine & you weighed nothing, you shot up there like a rocket! Love ya!