Saturday, April 28, 2018

Dogs of Savusavu

Living in Savusavu for 5+ months, we may have gotten a little bored. Much like when we shared the many doors of San Miguel de Allende, we are sharing with you some of the dogs that live in Savusavu, Fiji.

Old Dog
Old Dog spends his days in front of a crafts store in the middle of town. You'll have to step over Old Dog if you wish to enter the shop.

Slober Chops Protector
Slober Chops is a cat who lives out front of James Car Rental (cheapest car rental in town) at the end of town. Slober Chops, the cat, as the name would indicate, drools when you pet him. Slober Chops lives with Slober Chops Protector, his dog. 

Tripod Dog
Sporting three legs, Tripod Dog can often be seen hobbling around the outside market. He's quite friendly.

Socks Dog
Socks Dog stays fit by running from one end of town to the other on a daily basis. Do not attempt to pet or befriend Socks Dog, he is not interested or friendly. 

Dirt Dog 
Dirt Dog, is a dude who hangs out in the dirt most of the day. 

Max Dog
Max Dog likes to chill outside of Max Value grocery story in the middle of town. Chill dog.

Midget Dog
Midget (or vertically challenged) Dog is our favorite Savusavu dog. This happy dog is often seen speedy walking through town. His short legs don't offer any speed faster than a quick walk. Midget Dog was the only dog in town not worried about cyclones, there's not enough clearance under him for him to worry about getting blown away. 

The majority of dogs in Savusavu are strays and not necessarily friendly nor do they want you attempting to pet them. Our friend Jim ended up at the hospital with stitches in his leg from just walking down the street minding his own business. If ever we feel that a dog might be a threat, we bend down and pick up a rock and make a throwing motion. We've yet to actually need to throw a rock at a dog. 

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