Sunday, November 12, 2017

Musket Cove magnetism

 Each spring in La Cruz, Mexico, we attended the South Pacific seminars and every year the speaker would make a special mention of Musket Cove, Fiji. It was always described as an easy place to get stuck. Cheap beer, BBQ's available for cruisers to use, hot showers, salt water pool, bike rentals, a small store to buy provisions, basically everything one could want while floating in tropical paradise.  We found the magnet pull of Musket Cove to be quite strong.

 As we motor away today, our girls look like they haven't slept in weeks...actually, they haven't. They can attribute their exhaustion to riding bikes around the island with friends, playing games all day in the pool, running around at night playing capture the flag, BBQ's, sleepovers, jumping off Cloud 9, snorkeling...basically, living the awesome life of a boat kid. 

We were especially eager to get to Musket Cove to meet back up with most of the original Mexico crew from 2015/16. After 18 months, we reunited in Fiji! 

then we were photobombed by a gaggle of drunk Kiwi's and some random Italian couple,

I finally gave up attempting any photos without them.

Photo courtesy of SV Pesto
Posing for mom's cheesy photo in exchange for ice cream

Mike off Del Viento celebrating a birthday.

Tourist, Trump and 2 creepy dolls.

Till next time!

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