Friday, October 6, 2017

The end to a months stay in the Kingdom of Tonga

Vava'u group, Tonga
September 11- October 8, 2017

One of my favorite cruising memories;  the night we sat aboard another boat with friends debating what day it was. Without schedules, itineraries, meetings to attend, cruisers often lose track of what day it is. Imagine our surprise and sadness when earlier this week, I glanced at a calendar and saw our Tonga visas were expiring.  A month has already gone by. So soon?

Tonga has made many indelible impressions on us, making it especially hard to leave. Today we are sailing to Fiji with plans to meet up with friends who crossed the Pacific a year before we did. The kids are excited to meet up with their buddies and plan out their Halloween costumes. Over the past month, we have met several boats who ditched their plans to see Fiji first before sailing to New Zealand and will stay an extra month in Tonga. We can see why, Tonga is an amazing place to be.

Vaja  (near Hunga Haven) will take your order for fruit and veggies in the morning and deliver them to your boat by dusk

Obtaining Tongan cell signal sometimes requires a hike up a hill.

Many Tongan families motor little boats as their main mode of transportation. These family "trucksters" are used to head into town, visit neighbors on opposite ends of  islands, (and my favorite sighting) transport  kids to schools on neighboring islands. 

Beach near anchorage #8

Snorkeling at Hunga Haven

One of our favorite boat kids is Martin who at the ripe old age of 10, speaks 3 languages and is a wiz on the pan flute.

With every country along the way, we head to one of our most memorable spots and collect sand in a labeled container. Tonga, we're going to miss you!

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