Friday, October 13, 2017

Lau Group, Fiji

Yagasa Levu
Sept 9-11

Between Tonga and mainland Fiji, lies the Lau Island group. The correct way to explore the Lau Islands, is to sail past them on the way to checking into Fiji at a designated port. Once you have obtained a cruising permit that allows you to visit  all of Fiji, including the Lau group, one must sail back, usually into prevailing trade winds, to visit this group of islands. 

We were happy to have the small break from Tonga to Fiji, even if the snorkeling was just, meh. We had expected an uninhabited island far removed from surrounding civilization to offer more in the way of snorkeling. 

Yagasa Levu is home to a variety of different color footed boobies. Our favorite was the red footed boobies who unlike the blue footed boobies we saw in Mexico, build their nests in trees not on the ground. 

Because of the high ridge on Yagasa Levu, and the inability for a coconut to simply wash ashore and sprout a tree, coconut palms are hard to find.

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