Thursday, June 30, 2016

Keeping Austin wierd

Sometime in 2001 we heard Austin, TX was one of the best cities in America to live in. Curious about what Austin had to offer that was so great, we booked tickets and spent a full week enjoying the Texas capital. Not exactly sure why...but decided not to move to Austin.

Fast forward 15 years ... we're  back as a family ready to show our daughters all the things we love about Austin. Ever go back to a place and it's not quite like you remembered it? That's Austin. Apparently we weren't the only ones who heard Austin was a great place to live... the city has exploded!

Like most places, once they've been discovered by the masses they loose a little of their charm. The Oasis, 15 years ago was a restuarant shack built on the side of a cliff, where you could grab a cold beer, nachos and enjoy the sunset. Today, the rebuilt Oasis (a fire destroyed the first one) is a monstrous tourist trap with overpriced, disappointing food....same gorgeous sunset view.

For 15 years, Phil's not been able to stop talking about the ever so delicious BBQ from the Salt Lick. Our kids were anxious to finally taste it for themselves. Verdict? It's still worthy of talking about.

In keeping up with homeschooling, we visited the State Captial and took the tour, which comes highly recommended. We ventured to 6th street for a cold beer, ate more BBQ, swam in Lake Travis and stood under the Congress Street bridge at dusk waiting for one of the largest colonies of bats to take flight....a definite must if you visit Austin. Our new favorite spot has to be the graffiti park where we left our mark.

Till next time Austin.... hopefully it won't take another 15 years.

Austin loves food trucks. 

Playing chicken with a lightening storm

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