Saturday, June 25, 2016

California LOVE

We made it from Guaymas, Mexico to San Diego, CA in a short 15 hours. Not but 4 hours into the trip and the girls were griping about not being able to freely move around,  complaining that their backs hurt from having to sit in one place and the general "sucky-ness" of travel by way of automobile.

Whoa, we're not in Mexico anymore! While we appreciate the smooth paved roads we had forgotten that everyone drives like a bat out of hell, you can't go anywhere for anything and not spend $100 USD and the people here are well, large. Most people would assume that Mexicans are larger people as their diets consist of  lots of beans and rice and let me tell you...when it comes to larger sized humans, Americans take the cake.....then eat the entire cake, and probably ask for seconds. 

It's been a fun-filled 9 days of reuniting with great friends, hanging out with my brother and meeting his girlfriend, celebrating my Grandmother's 95 birthday (yes, 95!), playing at the beach and a trip to the Wild Animal Park. 

When asking the girls if they wanted to go to the beach we discovered the first drawback to boat kid life.  "The water is going to be too cold".  "The beach will be so crowded".  Spoiled rotten kids!

Tomorrow we start the trip across the good Ole US of A, with a few stops along the way. Charleston, here we come!
Driving through the Imperial Dunes towards San Diego

Who doesn't love playing "cards" with their Great Grandmother?

America and their signs....there are no warning signs in is at your own risk 


  1. Hello, just so I understand correctly - you travelled by land from Guaymas, Mexico to San Diego, CA? It's a 15 hour car ride?



    1. Correct time, border crossing and multiple stops was 15 hours

  2. You must have driven right through Yuma! We could have met up. Darn - we never get to talk to boat people out here in the desert! I have to ask, did you get a special set of Cards Against Humanity? We have that and always have a blast playing but even the 20 somethings are a bit timid with it. Are there different sets? Maybe we have a very "special" set!! Enjoy your trip! Bet you can't wait to see Charleston!!

    1. Hey Suzie,

      We did stop in Yuma for a Chili Pepper bean and cheese burrito....they're the best. We play with a regular deck under one condition, our girls aren't allowed to ask questions...I know, we're that"type" of family 😉

  3. Darn,we missed you while you were in SD! I've been following your blog for months, but we've never met. We have a CSY 44 in Mission Bay and are hoping to go cruising in a few years (I'm a former boat kid myself.). Our kids are 12 (daughter) and 9 (son). We'd love to meet up next time you're in SD! Drop me an email at dawnsmartinATgoogle's email