Sunday, March 20, 2016

Cost to Cruise February 2015

Here it is again, what it costs our family of four to Cruise Mexico. This would have been a real inexpensive month had we decided not to buy the kids their own sailing dinghy...but hey, the really wanted it and actually love sailing it.

Our boat insurance renewal was at the end of January and we had every intention of renewing. Unfortunately our broker wasn't willing to work with us. We explained that we were no longer sailing through Central America and into the Caribbean and somehow they had decided to charge us more. When we asked the broker to go to bat for us, their response was,  "just pay the premium".  No thanks...we're good. Our original policy was $1200 ish for the first year we had insurance.  When we splash back into the water after the upcoming hurricane season, we'll be looking for insurance again, just not with IMIS. If you're looking at our budget, don't get confused...Mexican liability insurance is outside of one's hull insurance.

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  1. Thanks, keep posting. We are leaving soon with just two of us and this is a big help'