Friday, March 18, 2016

A Saint Patrick's party like no other.

Last year, we had heard that the Saint Patrick's Day celebration near Melaque was one of the wildest times to be had in Mexico. Complete with a ridiculous amount of fireworks, music, food, and of course adult beverages. Unfortunately we found ourselves stuck in La Cruz, and missed it. This year, we promised  ourselves to be at the celebration with bells on. Just about every major town in Mexico has a patron saint which has its own special day of celebration. In San Patricio, their patron saint is none other than Saint Patrick (hence the name) and you better believe they whoop it up on March 17th.

It was a fun filled night of carnival rides, street food, mariachis, carnival games, laughs, and life threatening fireworks. No joke...we've lived in Mexico for over a year, we thought we'd seen crazy, over the top fireworks...till last night. People run through the Centro with bulls made out of barbedwire shooting fireworks into the crowds. Sweet Jesus, it's completely insane....see the video at the end of this blog's too hard to properly explain. Minus obtaining hearing loss, and a firework scortch mark on a pair of pants, we all had an awesome time. 

All the kids decided to hang back and enjoy one last night together as our friends aboard SV Pesto left this morning for French Polynesia, good thing too. While the Saint Patrick's Day celebration was a blast for adults, it may have been a little too much for the kids. 

This guy! While working his carnival booth, he'd rest his beer  amoung the stuffed animals. I thought that was funny till I took a closer look at the white bear behind him! Holy Smokes!

Garbanzo beans

Gringos wearing green

Just in case you haven't seen enough chickens running wild through Mexico, you can win a picture of one. 

What little kid doesn't want to win a giant Teddy bear with a joint? Seriously Mexico, you crack me up.


  1. OMG, nothing has changed! Well, maybe the rides. When I was there in 1994, there were no rides but it was all crazy! I went to bed later trying to remember each detail, hoping that that would help me to remember it all 20 years later. (we do tend to forget even when we think we won't) It was a most fantastic night and we all ended up at Los Pelicanos which was the first palapa on the beach. We all hung out there all the time. My, what wonderful memories. Thank you for the pictures - I didn't have a camera then.