Thursday, December 31, 2015

Terrapin ....memories from 2015

It's the last day of the year already? It's true, time flies when you're having fun. We've thoroughly enjoyed the past 11 months living in Mexico and have grown to truly love this gorgeous country and it's generous people. One place we can all agree that has stolen our hearts is the Sea of Cortez, leaving us wanting another sailing season in Mexico. Each of us has taken the time to reflect on 2015 and recall our favorite memory and our not so favorite memory.

Favorite Memory; Anchoring at Isla Isabel because of all the wildlife. I loved the beaches because half the "sand" is black lava rock and the other half is white crushed coral.  I loved hiking up to the caldera.  I also loved going to San Miguel De Allende for the summer.

Least Favortie Memory:  Our first real passage to Turtle Bay when I got sick. Also, having to turn around at Hualtulco. I was really sad that we weren't  going through the Panama Canal.

Favorite Memory;  The 5 days we spent in Agua Verde with YOLO. I loved wake boarding, hanging out with friends, eating fist tacos and just chillin'.  I also loved the sail from Cabo to Isla Isabel, it was glorious! A broad reach for almost 24 hours was Heaven.

Least Favorite Memory:  Turning around at Hualtulco. Coming to the realization that we weren't going to see Central America and the Caribbean on this trip.

Favorite Memory; Watching daddy swim with the humpback whales at Isla Isabel. I loved Isla Isabel because of the huge sea turtle we swam with and the blue footed boobies.  Swimming with the sea lions! I loved seeing all the babies. Check out the video of daddy swimming with a mom and baby humpack whale!

Least Favorite Memory:  When the people came up to our boat in the night at Acapulco...I was scared.  (For those who don't know, a panga with 12 men approached us at night with no lights and wanted to tie up to us, then asked us to leave...they were all highly intoxicated and it was hard to understand exactly what they were saying. Phil and I held them off with bear mace and a mag light for about 15 minutes before they decided to leave. As soon as they left  we pulled up anchor, and in the dark we sailed away.) Another not so good memory was when we were going to Hualtuclo, the waves were really bad and I was really scared.

Favorite Memory:  The two times we anchored at Isla Isabel. Snorekling at Isla Isabel is nothing short of amazing...turtles, sea lions, whales, eagle rays, boobies...  Isla Coronados was another amazing place. White sand, schools of manta rays gliding under the boat, breath taking views from the top and fantastic snorkeling....can't wait to go back!

Least Favorite Memory:  Holding Jessica and being able to feel her heart pounding out of her chest and feeling her little body shake with fear as we headed into Hualtulco. Watching Emma sob as she learned we would no longer be heading to Panama. The good news? Emma's only 10 and still has a long life ahead of her. 

We're currently anchored in La Cruz (near Puerto Vallarta) and will be here for most of January. We are getting excited about our trip to Guatamela in a few weeks and sailing back to the Sea of Cortez in early Spring. 

Here are a few pictures of Las Posadas which we were able to experience while in Barra Navidad for Christmas.


  1. Happy New Year and Blessings from the crew of #CoastalDrifter for a happy and fruitful 2016.

  2. Oh, I miss Mexico so much. Glad you guys are enjoying it and spreading the good news about the place and the people.