Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Snorkeling with Terrapin

After watching the movie Splash, I quickly grabbed the salt and headed into the bathtub with high hopes off growing a mermaid tail. I've been an ocean freak my whole life.

Phil spent the better part of his childhood ignoring his grandmother's calls to come in from the ocean hoping to have more time in the waves.

Jessica wasn't but 18 months old when she'd know we were at the beach, grab her binky out of her mouth and scream, "beach mama! beach", then thrash out her car seat in a fat hurry for the ocean.

When Emma was a baby, she would cling to Phil screaming bloody murder as he'd hold her in the ocean. I remember thinking, " she's going to have a miserable childhood with us ocean lovers".

This week Emma had me nervous as she was showing me how she easily she could dive 20 feet down and grab shells off the ocean floor. Times have changed!

Days like we had earlier in the week, jumping off the boat and snorkeling a cargo wreck has confirmed, we made the right decision to hang in Mexico for another season and move slow. I hadn't realized just how many miles south we had sailed till sailing all those same miles north! We've almost sailed more miles since October than all of last season. 

Kayaking between snorkel spots....just keep the flippers on

Just slithering along

Flips off the boat? Count me in!

First time seeing blue coral.

Perfect form and a Trump face to boot.

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  1. Love your pictures. The one of Aimee flipping off the boat reminds me of when you were little in the pool. You'd do that all day long.