Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The answer to why some things seem different.

Cross the border into Mexico and inevitably things looks different. It's taken us almost 8 months to become oblivious to things that used to have us awe struck.

For the first few months, the kids were flabbergasted every time they saw a half-dozen people squeezed into the back of someone's truck. "Those people aren't even wearing seat belts!!"

One of our friends described it best in his blog post.                  T. I. M. =  This is Mexico.  
Any time we see something that doesn't make much sense seems odd, or out of place and the girls ask, "Why", the answer is always T.I.M. 

For the past few months, I've taken pictures of things that are T.I.M. to share. As we continue our travels into Central America, I'm sure these same images will display themselves in other countries, proving it's not just Mexico. 

Our apartment's electric meters. They're clearly just for looks as the electric was coming from across the street via hanging wires.

Driving through the rain on your scooter at night, grab an umbrella, any size will do.

Homemade drink holder....for your beer.

We see entire families on bikes every day. Looking just like this.

Need a little car work done? Use the beach.

When nature calls and you're looking for an audience.

Cock fight anyone?

Welding. No gloves, no mask, no problem! Maybe he forgot he had sunglasses on his head?

You will pay the 60 peso toll or suffer the consequences.

Helicopters that use the median as their own "lane".  We drove to renew our visas and the helicopter flew above the median for hours always staying in front. 


Cell reception made easy.

Looking for tonight's Futbol match? Just press the futbol button.

What's your favorite? Between the bano in the middle of the beach and the guard at the toll for me, it's a toss up.


  1. We call those "Mexican Moments"


  2. The one that made me laugh was the sign for cell phone reception by the mesquite tree. Really??

  3. Hmm...never been to Thailand? : )