Saturday, September 26, 2015

Party Hardy

"Hey Man, are we still partyin'?"
                                                        -Ben Hungerford, 5am, in the hottub the night after we got married                                              

Yes! We are still partying. We (city of San Miguel De Allende) have been partying since before Independence Day. This weekend the celebrations continued with honoring Saint Michael the Archangel.

Since living in Mexico, we've started to feel bad for those countries who have to wait for their one time a year to blow their party wad. Carnaval. New Years Eve. Oktoberfest. Holi. White Nights.

In Mexico there's a solid chance that someone is celebrating something if the day ends in "Y".  If the day ends in "Y" and it's September, you have a better chance at finding a  fiesta/parade/festival  to join than stumbling across a taco at a Mexican buffet.

During the entire celebration, fireworks are being lit by way of cigarette of course.


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