Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Homeschool/ Boatschool/ Roadschool/ Worldschool Resources

A few famous homeschoolers

So what's with the whole road, boat, world thing? Roadschooling, boatschooling and worldschooling is simply educating while on the go. How is this different than traditional homeschooling? Small spaces that don't allow for many textbooks, unreliable wifi and sometimes limited resources can create educational challenges. If you're looking for resources to help supplement your child's education or wanting full blown curriculum, hopefully the following links can help.

Curriculum made easy.

Many of our friends like Time4Learning especially since it goes through high school and provides paperless options. 

The Critical Thinking Co  offers options other than clunky textbooks. Although their full curriculum doesn't go past the 6th grade, they do offer a wide array of test prep guides for those in high school.

A long time standing favorite of the cruising community has been Calvert. Sometimes referred to as "school in a box", just open the box of supplies and you're ready to go for the school year.

Looking for a more flexible homeschool program? Bridgeway Academy offers a variety of ways to learn from live online classes, textbook program to a full year's worth of curriculum. Every option comes complete with an academic advisor.

Heck, even Minecraft has their own homeschool curriculum. No excuses now!

If you follow our blog you know that we created our own curriculum. As schools face budget cuts, placing a hardbound book into the hands of each student proves difficult. Many teachers now have access to electronic versions of school books that they post to their own classroom websites. If you're willing to search Google for specific textbooks in pdf format, chances are you'll be able to find some. We were able to find all of our science and math textbooks this way. Once we found the textbooks (pdf), we downloaded them to our hard drive and later transfered the textbook to our daughters' Kindles as needed.  Here's a peek at what boatschooling looks like for us.

If you are interested in designing your own curriculum the following links may be helpful.

Fancy 200 free textbooks, many available to download in multiple formats?  How about over 1150 free online courses from top Universities? Free audio Books?
Check out Open Culture  (mind blowing, huh?)

If you're lucky enough to have reliable wifi check out these 25 sites offering  free online education.

It's never too early to start education. Our girls loved many of the sites listed below as they were fun and engaging. 


  1. Do you know anyone who has used Bridgeway? We are looking at it because we plan on coming back, and like the idea of a program with transcripts to make re-integration into the system possible if we so choose.

    1. Sean,

      Send me an email and I can try to connect you with families that have experience using Bridgeway. sailingwithterrapin@gmail.com

  2. When I look back on all the crap I learned in high school, it's a wonder I can think at all. (I've been singing a lot of Paul Simon lately).

  3. I was home schooled for two years, 1960 to 1962 while we traveled the Intracoastal Waterway and Bahamas. Went to a highly rated private school (where mom and dad taught) without missing a beat. Biggest problem: schedules and those bells!

    Fast forward to 2004 when my son joins me after graduating from a high school in Westchester County, NY. we sailed from portsmouth NH to the Caribbean and all around the area doing the racing circuit. I told him he could either read or work on the boat with me. He chose to read. At night, we would discuss his reading. The most baffling question came very early in the time, "Dad, who is this LBJ guy and what's the Great Society?" Turns out he didn't know anything about anything. I'd like to think I fixed some of that problem.

    He got to reading a lot and we discussed what he read in detail. I think I gave him quite an education that winter. Cruising/voyaging is good for kids.