Tuesday, June 23, 2015

San Miguel De Allende at a glance

The first 24 hours in SMA (San Miguel De Allende) we thoroughly enjoyed hanging out in flannel pajamas, watching TV, doing laundry and relaxing. Today we decided to walk into town from our neighborhood which took about 40 minutes and explore our new home. Our trip was short lived as we needed to back in time for someone to come fix the house internet. Our first impression of SMA? We love it here! It's gorgeous, there's so much to see, people are extremely friendly and we can't wait to spend the next 3 months exploring.

Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel


                                           Here's a fun story. While we were walking around we came across a house that said Casa of South Carolina. Phil being from South Carolina wanted to take a picture. We got home this afternoon and received an email from Phil's mom saying that long time family friends of theirs who live in South Carolina just so happen to also have a house in San Miguel De Allende. This is their house! They'll be here in July and we plan to make a visit. 



Skinny sidewalks

Fresh food is always available along the streets.




  1. Great pictures! I love the dolls, remember those?

  2. A "corona" was a memento that my daughter still enjoys.

  3. The colors are glorious! Emma should have a fantastic time painting all the colorful buildings!!

  4. The couple sitting in the door way.....
    Wow, Phil and Amy, you two sure have asimylated into the local culture.....you look good though :)

    Seriously, so proud of you guys. Town looks awesome.

  5. I hope you enjoy SMA as much as I enjoy your blog. My late mom and dad spent two winters there; mom studied art, Dad took up coffee drinking and spectating.... your photos are of some of the places Mom painted. Good memories.