Monday, June 29, 2015

Museums and Markets

With so much to see in SMA it's hard to pick where to start. Last week we decided to check out the mask museum. Using our map we walked to the location of the museum, right past it in fact. After stoping for directions from locals, we walked through the doors of the supposed museum. Walking past the front door we saw a few masks covering the walls of a steep stairway. Following the stairway we ended up in a gorgeous house somewhat confused about exactly where we were. My auto response it take pictures of where we are. Even if we're in someone's house. Cruising through a gorgeous house and helping ourselves to a bowl of candy we walked around looking for anything that might resemble a museum.
Inside someone's house
After a few minutes of browsing around we came across a housekeeper who was just as surprised to see us as we were to see her. In our best Spanglish we asked,

 "Is this a museum?"

To which her response was 

"Do you have an appointment?"

Appointment? Now we're really confused. We explained that we were looking for the mask museum. She asked that we wait in the house and left. She eventually came back and escorted us through the back of the house across a small side street and into another small house.

Taking pictures in someone's house
That's where we met Bill (an English speaking expat). After shaking hands with Bill, I told him 

"I think we just walked through someone's house to get here"

Bill's response, "Ya that was my house. I own the mask museum and operate the bed and breakfast you just walked through". Suddenly it started to make sense.


Any wonder why we were confused? The entrance to the musuem is just another door in a regular neighborhood. And yes, they prefer if you have an appointment so that Bill can give you the full tour and be able to spend quality time with guests. Despite the fact that we tromped through Bill's house and showed up sans appointment, he was gracious enough to let us see his beautiful collection.

Masks for sale out of the museum

The museum also featured Mexican Folkart

Each time we walk into the center of town, we try to take a different route. Lucky for us each way ends up being a great new adventure. SMA has several markets woven through the streets. 

The fresh vegetables and fruit are colorful and really cheap

Pinatas and flowers

I don't often take pictures oof food but this is an exception. Deep in one of the street markets was a little restaurant serving homemade food. We ate on of the best meals full a whooping $10. We all but rolled away from the table we were so stuffed. Below is Phil's $2 chile rellano...somewhere under the rice, beans and veggies.

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