Sunday, February 1, 2015

San Benito Islands

After 53 hours of sailing, we are anchored out at San Benito West Island. We are spending the night here then about 50 more miles to Turtle Bay. All is well, just a tired, dirty, and cranky crew. We should have good internet in Turtle Bay and will update when we get in.


  1. Glad that you told us where you are, we were beginning to wonder. Love, Mom

  2. I have been checking here hourly! So relieved to hear from you. Get some rest!!! I love you.

  3. When I post from the iPad I'm incognito I guess. I'm the first mom. I guess Nancy and I were both watching you at the same time yesterday. It's really great that we can stay this connected. XO, Mom

  4. Guess we need to sign our posts "Mom in SC" & "Mom in CA"!!! Anyway, you have 2 anxious moms following you!!!
    Mom in SC