Friday, January 30, 2015

Buses to Blowholes

Spending much more time in Ensenada than anticipated, we felt the need to get out an explore. One of the popular attractions in the area is La Bufadora.  We inquired at the tourist center about the best way to get there and they were adamant that we use the tourist bus each way which would have cost $60 round trip for the four of us. No gracias! We opted to show our girls public transportation Mexican style. A few blocks walk and we were rubbing elbows with the locals at the bus station. With a little patience and some Spanglish we were headed on an adventure for less than $1 per person minus the cruise ship crowd. 

One of the highlights of spending many days in Ensenada was finishing our movie "So You Think You Can Sail".  Our weather window has changed so we are leaving Ensenada today. The next stop for this crew is Turtle Bay. We expect to be there either Sunday or Monday depending upon Mother Nature.


  1. EXCELLENT VIDEO! My favorite part is how well Murphy plays the indifferent/pissed off sailor. He's really good at that part.

  2. Hi Jessica! How are you? The whole class just read the blog and watched the video "So you think you can sail?" and the video that gives the tour of the boat. We all miss you so much and we hope you are having the time of your life!! Love from Sally, Elzie and your sixth grade friends at IA

  3. Y'all are so much fun!!!! Love you to pieces...Mer