Monday, February 9, 2015

Sails rips and dinghy flips.

We finally made it to San Jaunico!! Awesome little surf town where you can camp on the beach and surf.  SO happy to be here!  The past few days haven't been so easy. Somewhere in the middle of reefing during 25+ knot winds we ripped our jib.  Thankfully we have a spare that seems to work fine.   

On the way to Abreojos we caught dinner!!! Our friend Josh is right, yellow tail is awesome!!! Made for great fish tacos. 

While Phil was filleting yellow tail I brought in a bonito. 

Murphy (the worlds most tolerent cat) seems to be doing well. Here he's asking Phil , "dude, where's my tuna?"

Our last stop in Abraojos before coming to San Juanico proved to be interesting.  In an effort to reach a beautiful white stretch of beach (which it was) the four of us got in the dinghy and headed to shore. A shore with waves.  At one point I told Phil to "surf it"..... Meaning let's ride the wave in the dinghy.  Holy crud! Bad idea. As we caught a wave the dinghy promptly flipped over and all four of us flew out. Thankfully Phil had the kill switch attached to his wrist and stopped the engine.  The four of us all stood up and accounted for each other and then grabbed all our belongings. We each had backpacks with water pouring out of them. Our backpack had the camera and phones thankfully packed away in a dry bag. After flipping the dinghy right side up we pulled it to the beach and all were in a daze. The girls were actually "high fiving" each other, "that was crazy!!!!!"  Off to the beach we went.  

We're currently at a surf shack bar enjoying cold beer and chips.

Surf shack bar.  

Where we'll be anchored for a few days. 


  1. Sounds like the adventures keep coming! Looks the photos!!!
    Mom in SC

  2. We can't believe the size of those fish, good for you! Glad to hear you're having fun!

  3. Hilarious! You've got me cracking up and smiling over here :) What an awesome adventure already


  4. Dinghy flips are never fun- but it is a good reminder to always wear the kill switch.

  5. Beautiful fish! Would love to know if you caught them trolling or with a rod/reel? Lure used? Thanks!

  6. Hand lure was a Jet head squid and the other was a Rappala Blue fish