Friday, October 3, 2014

Enjoying some solid ground

Just hanging around
It's October 3rd and in parts of San Diego it's pushing 100 degrees.  I'd like to act surprised, but this is   somewhat typical weather for this time of year.  In an effort to escape the heat and relax my (Aimee) parents  have left on a two week vacation.  About 30 seconds into asking us if we'd like to housesit, our bags were packed. Huge comfy couch, cold beer, large TV...we're there! We've been having fun off the boat, no guarantees we'll leave even after they come home.

Emma's out of control

Playing hide n seek in the citrus trees
Who doesn't love driving a golf cart? Harrison sure does

Just across the valley the girls are able to spot elephants and giraffe.

Just as my parents were getting ready to walk out of the door, my dad in all seriousness asked if I had any intentions of having people over or having a party. I literally just sat there stoned faced with zero response. Is my dad not aware I'm 39 years old?  I'd love to somehow interpret his statement as a compliment that maybe I still resemble a 19 year old, but that's not the case. 39.  Thirty Nine. One year away from 40. Old.  Party? More like in bed by 9pm. 

Apparently he should have shown more concern for his cats. Talk about party animals! It wasn't but 30 seconds after they heard the door shut that they all hoped in the bathtub begging for bubble bath and beer, asking me to kick down the cat nip. What the hell kind of place are you running here Pops?

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