Friday, September 26, 2014

We've got Sea Fever! (and kayaks)

A few weeks ago, we were contacted by Pixie at  Sea Fever Gear who was interested in partnering with us and designing some custom sail bags for the girls. Last weekend we finally got the chance to meet Pixie in person and she showed the girls how old sails are recycled into fun new gear.

Both Jessica and Emma had picked out their own designs and I had asked for a colorful bag of my own. We absolutely love our bags! My bag is made from old spinnaker and makes the neatest crinkle sound. Pixie made the girls each a custom bag that they absolutely love!  Each bag is locally handmade from sturdy, recycled sails.  And the best part?  These sails won't end up in landfills. Sea Fever Gear  uses these repurposed sails to also make everything from shower curtains, to wallets to apparel.  Check them out on our sponsors page and see what they have to offer!

What does preparing to cruise with two kids mean? Well it means they want everything: Kayaks, SUP's, surf boards, snorkel gear, you name it, they want it. This has left us needing to think outside the box when it comes to approaching potential sponsors.  In our search for two tandem ocean kayaks, we scoured craigslist, ebay, and sporting goods stores, but still couldn't find anything for a reasonable price.  Finally we decided to hit up kayak rental shops, now that it is the off season, and ask shop owners if we could purchase their old inventory.  A few months ago we left our name and number with a few different owners and had high hopes. Finally, we got a call from La Jolla Kayaks.  Say hello to our tandem ocean kayaks! Are they brand spanking new? Nope. Do we care? Not a chance! Did we purchase two ocean kayaks for less than the cost of half of just one?? (you read that correctly)  Better believe it!

Our new kayaks are large enough to hold a family of four so long as both children are small.
We could easily get the three ladies in one and have room left over for gear.  These will be great for exploring!

Who's got 8 thumbs and is super stoked on the new toys? 
Say hello to our new 11 foot tandem ocean kayaks made by Riot.

Think the girls love their new Sea Fever Gear tote bags? They had to take them with on our first paddle out.

Beautiful San Diego in the background


  1. Love the tote bags - great idea for reusing sails!

  2. I love your sail bags..We're about to get a new main and genoa but our sails look fairly beat up. I wonder if there's a way to clean them up a bit and then make some bags? And the kayaks look fun! We often take our daughter (4 years old) out in the tender and she loves it - perhaps because it goes fast?! Love your blog and look forward to reading about your adventures :)

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