Sunday, June 29, 2014

Girls slumber party.....boat style

It wasn't that long ago that the girls were tasked with putting away all of their belongings into their cabins.  The fact that they each have their own cabin, with ample room for clothes, toys, electronics and other belongings is rare, for a cruising family. One non-negotiable we stuck to while boat shopping was giving them their own space, which is and will be much appreciated by everyone. 

This weekend served as the last weekend for their volleyball league. Emma Bear actually helped her team win the second game with 4 drops right over the net! She even surprised herself.

After volleyball it was slumber party time. How lucky are we? Our girls are best friends with sisters! Oh....and their parents are pretty awesome too!

 Who doesn't love chicken fights in the pool? Answer: anyone who wasn't us!

Slumber party fun filled fact: this was the first time any of these girls had eaten a Twinkie........ever!

Jiffy Pop and some Romancing the Stone, anyone?

Yes you can accommodate a slumber on a boat. Sleeping bags and cushions work perfect. It was important that these four spend quality time together as our girls go to South Carolina for 3 weeks (yippie!) tomorrow and their friends head to Nicaragua while they're gone. It will be a solid month before they see each other again, which in pre-teen girl time is at least 3 years.

Living next to the beach doesn't suck!

And just in case anyone was wondering how Murphy's retirement is going....slow and steady

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