Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Finding our way to "liveaboard" status

Ever heard of two week hurricane? We have. Winds howl, crap blows everywhere, you try to steady yourself, and when it's all over most of what you own is missing or gone. The last two weeks was the dreaded move and rehoming of not only ourselves but our beloved animals. Like a hurricane our move was fast and furious, probably for the better because if we had any time at all to think you might second guess parts if not all of it.  It's over and we're assessing the damage. Thus lost in the storm is a sense of normalcy and the majority of our fur kids. The only comfort is that our animals have found themselves in loving homes mostly with family.

Harrison made his way to grandma and grandpa's in the country. A perk for him is his own golf cart which he refuses to get out of. 

Hula took a one way flight to South Carolina. She's entered her retirement year filled with tennis balls, her own pool, a boat for harbor cruises and trips to Doggie Spa. Sounds like she may have gotten the best deal of all. 

Dexter the bengal cat has made his home at a college friend of Aimee's.  He's up to his old antics of demanding love and being aggressive while doing so.  That cat has no concept of the word NO.. he truly believes NO means Yes.

Then there is Murphy, AKA The Admiral.

So hard to believe that Murphy has been with us since Phil and I were just boyfriend and girlfriend. Pushing 15 years old, he was chosen to come with us. So far he seems pretty happy with being forced to be with us. He's happy on deck with the sun and wind in his face and birds flying over head. If there's any drawback it has to be that he's the only animal and is receiving tenfold the amount of attention he's accustomed to.

It hasn't been but 48 hours since we've arrived and the girls have used most that time in the pool. Not a bad gig to have your own heated large pool with a nice hot tub off to the side.

The girls leave on Monday for a glorious 3 week trip to South Carolina....that's right, 3 solid weeks (21 whole days) of no kids. While they're off making memories with Nana and Pop, we've got lots of boat work to do. We'll update with before and after pictures. 

Today's "San Diego adventure" were the tide pools off Point Loma. Didn't see a whole lot, but still worth the trip.


Sticking their fingers in sea anemones never gets old. 

These two.  Since the day they met, they go everywhere together holding hands. Always.

Note to self, don't take anyone to crawl all over tide pools in white shorts. 

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