Monday, June 1, 2020

New Mexicoooo

Near the mouth of Diablo Canyon

We have been to New Mexico before just not the places where we  recently camped. We choose some spectacular spots that changed our minds about what New Mexico has to offer. It's gorgeous ❤️

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

We had to scurry around for a camp site near Taos as everything is still closed. We ended up at a private park in Red River. We drove the Enchantment Circle which takes you through different topography.
Along the way we found a huge brewery out in pasture by itself (shown below)
After a few nights in the forest we left to camp in White Rock near Santa Fe. We dispersed camp at the mouth of Diablo Canyon a rock climbers paradise.

Our second day camping we hiked a few miles to cool off in the Rio Grande.
Off to Texas today as we need to head East.

A run through the canyon in the rain.

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