Sunday, August 5, 2018

Hong Kong, Kowloon side

Fun story. We met a guy at a jazz bar in Hong Kong. He is originally from Scotland, married to a lady from Hong Kong, has lived in Hong Kong for over 30 years and after hearing that Jessica's 15th birthday is Sunday, he insisted on making us reservations at the Peninsula Hotel for high tea. Reservations are awesome especially since they can only be made if you're staying at the hotel, which we are not. 

Phil and I enjoyed high tea at the Peninsula Hotel over 12 years ago during our first visit to Hong Kong on our trip to adopt Emma. It was a true highlight for me to bring our girls to the Peninsula Hotel for high tea after 12 years. Emma thought the string quartet was a hit. Phil was amazed by the men's room attendant, we didn't have one of those aboard Terrapin. Jessica thoroughly enjoyed the finger sandwiches and amazing little desserts.

My new favorite photo

We enjoyed perusing the "jade" market, so many colorful items, not one of which is really jade. Emma scored a small ring which started at $280 and ended up costing $20 (Hong Kong Dollars). 

Temple Street Night Market

Although we had scored a phenomenal view of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak we wanted a solid view from the Kowloon side across the bay. The Ozone bar at the top of the Ritz-Carlton offers over-priced beverages with a fantastic view. 

View from Ozone bar in the Ritz-Carlton

Sign reading not to feed the Terrapins.

The street food in Hong Kong is everywhere. Fish balls. Shark fin soup (which made Jessica cry just seeing the sign). Fried food. Lobster balls. Dumplings. Won Tons. For me, anything fried starts to taste exactly the same...and it's not a great taste. I've opted for hunting down "Club Sandwiches".

We love being able to to share things with the girls that we had experienced from our previous trip. Phil and I remember being in a park watching a light show across the bay. Hong Kong is still providing the light show and it's still worth waiting for. 

This is the first summer in years that our daughters are escaping homeschool. In years past our girls would have studied the local areas and would write reports explaining the significance of the artifacts and exhibits seen in local museums. Both girls have really enjoyed being able to visit the local museums without school work. 
Sanpan in the Hong Kong History Museum.

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