Friday, January 19, 2018

Sights of Suva, Fiji

After the successful delivery of a catamaran to Port Denarau, we caught a bus for the 4 hour ride across the big island to Suva. Suva is Fiji's "big city," boasting universities, shopping malls, a movie theater, restaurants, craft markets, museums, etc. We treated ourselves to a modest hotel room and explored, shopped, ate and then ate some more. The variety of delicious food in Suva is plentiful. Indian food - check. Chinese, Dim Sum, - you bet. Local Fijian meals - indeed.

The girls and I  were extremely excited at all the hair salons to choose from. Finally, a haircut not performed off the stern of Terrapin with a less than adequate pair of scissors. We spent $26 including tip, for all three haircuts. 

A haircut by someone other than mom, off the back of the boat? Yes please!

Passionate about our girls education, we use the excuse of exploring new places as reason to learn about local history, culture and customs. Our trip to Suva was reminiscent of the time we toured the pyramids in Mexico, where the girls demonstrated their knowledge of Mexican history by acting as our tour guides. In Suva they each presented their Fiji history slideshows before heading off to the local museum.

Jessica presenting her Fiji history slideshow.

I adore that my teenage daughters still hold hands while walking together.

China Cat Sunflower enjoying their last Fiji sunset.

Before submitting to the ways of missionaries, native Fijians were cannibals. Crafts shops are full of brain pickers, clubs, cannibal forks, and skull crushers. Apparently Fijians were much more intimidating back in the day, as police now don't so much as carry guns.  

We loved Suva and thought it was the perfect combination of  "big city" mixed with quiet beautiful neighborhoods. If you ever find yourself in Suva wondering 'where's the pretty part,' head up the hill by taxi to where most of the embassies and consulates are. Another beautiful spot is the University of South Pacific campus (close to a large Cost U Less for Costco like provisioning).

Looking at tadpoles on the University of South Pacific campus. 

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