Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Cost to Cruise - Fiji

After calculating the past few 'Cost to Cruise', something stuck out. Why if the South Pacific is more expensive, are we spending less on average per month than when we were in Mexico?

First reason why we're spending less: we're not nearly as shitty at sailing as we used to be. We left San Diego almost 3 years ago without really knowing how to sail. Now we know what we're doing, which sails to use, and how to deal with most wind situations. Our acquired sailing skills means buying less diesel (much less) and  has resulted in a huge savings for our cruising kitty. To be fair, we spent a small fortune on diesel in Mexico (Pacific side) because of the lack of wind. Here in the South Pacific, the trade winds are almost ever present.

 The second major reason why we're spending less: we're not spending money on marina slips. We're not fans of marinas and try to avoid them at all costs, however marina's in Mexico are cheap (some are $12 USD per night), but a few nights here and a few nights there, starts to really add up! Last week, after 8 months of cruising, we took our first marina slip and called it a Christmas gift.

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