Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cost to Cruise American Samoa

We had a hunch that we'd be spending a bit of money in American Samoa. We were correct. The CostCo type of provisioning, affordable restaurants and availability of boat supplies helped kill our budget for the month. Just this morning we went to provision in Tonga and were commenting how happy we were to have stopped and provisioned in American Samoa. The "grocery" stores in Tonga leave something to be food!


  1. Hi guys
    Love reading your blog! Any chance you have or could if not do a blog post about wifi and cell service whilst sailing. For example the how to of Intl SIM cards where to buy them how it works and how your plans work? Your cost portion for wifi and cell seem rather low to me. Thank you kindly in advance

    1. It's rather easy to purchase SIM cards. Most of the time the SIM car is free, you just need to purchase data. Each country is a little different. For example, in Fiji you either buy the SIM card ($1 USD) for data or you purchase a SIM card that has both cell minutes and data. We always seek out free internet to help keep our costs down for having to purchase Wifi or Cell. We keep our cell costs down by using Skye which is extremely cheep..only pitfall there, is that the WiFi needs to be good in order to complete your call. We have a blog post in the works regarding all of this. Thanks for the idea and thanks for reading!