Sunday, August 20, 2017

1 lucky lure + 7 days of trolling = 100+ lbs of fish

Jessica, our resident fishing expert and her lucky lure are responsible for over 100 pounds of fish. Here's the big reveal..... it's really nothing fancy.  

Our lucky lure is a 7-8 inch, diving, squid jig with a weighted, metal head. Unfortunately the googly eyes have just recently fallen off leaving us with fingers crossed that this lure with still produce.

Lil Fish Stick caught between Marquesas and Tuamotus
We attach our  lucky lure on steal leader (non braided) which is attached to 25 feet of 200 pound test line which is attached 75 feet of gray parachute cord. 

#2 fish on the way to the Cook Islands

We hooked two at a time, one with the lucky lure and the other with a 4 inch cedar plug. By the time of the picture, Emma's fish had already whacked her in the face....She wasn't too thrilled. 
Double hook up on the way to the Cook Islands
So that's it. Nothing expensive or fancy.... just lucky.


  1. Nice catches! 75 feet of parachute this on a handreel? We've changed up our lures to use something similar and have been much more successful this year. Lots of cruisers swear by the cedar plugs!

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    2. Hi Amy! Yes we almost always use handreels. The 75 feet of p-cord is followed by 20 or so feet of high test and then a steel leader. We've had mixed luck with the plugs, but our blue and white plug does ok. Happy Sailing