Friday, June 30, 2017

Toau, Tuamotus

Toau, Tuamotus
June 15 - 18, 2017

A daysail from Fakarava, we headed to Toau. We were especially excited about Toau as Soggy Paws had claimed in their compendium, "this is our favorite place in the Tuamotus." After three days here, we still don't know what they're referencing.

I'll give Toau some props; they have a false pass which is neat. Anse Amyot on the NW side of the atoll allows you to only barely enter the atoll but does not give access to the lagoon. There are about 9 mooring balls available all run by Gaston and Valentine that will cost $5 USD a day unless you opt to eat dinner at there establishment for $30 USD then the mooring ball is gratis.

In search of what all the hype was about we toured Gaston and Valentine's compound. The many animals running around were a huge hit with the girls. Pigs, roosters, cats, dogs and the worlds cutest puppy.

We did enjoy snorkeling outside the pass where the world's most inquisitive sharks live. A little too inquisitive for my taste. 

Phil thought it would be an okay idea to spearfish outside the pass. Unfortunately the fish he shot got off the spear and was swimming around bleeding. Suddenly there were 6 sharks circling around. We sat and watched the sharks swim in a cirlce eight type pattern, in a frenzy. All was going well till a large shark decided to charge at me! I was like a cartoon character come to life. I all but walked on water getting back into the dinghy. Almost certain I've never moved so fast!

Gaston and Valentine used to own a pearl farm and have leftover​ pearls they trade with. Our friends off Cape D traded some T-shirts and hats for a handful of pearls. Toau is a neat place, however it doesn't deserve the accolade as 'best in the Tuamotus' in our book.

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