Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Daniels Bay, Nuku Hiva. aka Paradise

The word on the street is that one has to visit Daniels Bay a short hour away from Taihae. Sailing into the bay it was as if we were entering a movie scene. Our eyes met  emerald green cliffs with waterfalls spilling off all sides. Stunning beauty. 

While my pictures are pretty, they don't do ant justice. It's been raining since we got here and without proper daylight, my pictures aren't up to my liking.  Yes, I'm aware we're in the tropics and it's supposed to rain. Even the locals are over the rain. And to be fair it isn't just rain,  life has been beginning​ to feel as if we're trying to live at the bottom of a waterfall. Sheets of rain. Mud and rock slides.  There's been so much rain the locals are having a hard time growing produce, the veggie market is sparse and if you want anything you better get there by 3:45am. Yes, 3:45 am. 

Seems like every country has their own "time". Mexico has "manana," which doesn't really mean tomorrow. Here exists "island time" and as expected not everyone returns on time after their afternoon​ break. Not exactly sure how island time translates into veggie market starting at 3:30am, but whatever.  So, no, we don't have a  plethora of fresh veggies as we showed up at 5:30 to the veggie market and could only score a couple bananas.  

Speaking of island time, we're adjusting to 12 hours of daylight 5:30am - 5:30pm. Attempting to schedule school has been tough. We now start school at 7:30am instead of 9:00am so that we have enough daylight to enjoy. 

We had heard there were crabs on the beach, lots and lots of crabs. After about an hour we had ourselves 44 claws. Beyond delicious. 


Daniel's Bay is famous by the spectacular valley that leads up to a waterfall, that's one of the reasons why we went. Just last month the owner of the land started to charge $10 USD per person to walk through the valley. Deal killer! We opted to not pay $40 for the family to hike to a waterfall. Being surrounded by endless islands all covered in waterfalls offering free hikes we plan to use our saved money on a nice dinner for Emma's birthday.  


  1. Love to you guys!

  2. OMG how disheartening to hear there is now a monetary fee to hike to the falls. We traded some foodstuffs and went twice.