Thursday, April 27, 2017

Day 24: Landfall in Nuka Hiva

After 24 days and 2866 we made landfall just after sunrise in Nuka Hiva. Everyone and everything made it in perfect condition inlcuding our 2 twelve foot kayaks strapped to each side of the bow.

24 days;
-Not wearing shoes
-Staring at nothing but water
-Enduring a sense of anxiety and/or stress knowing my little family and just about everything I own under the sun was at stake.
-Having wild food fantasies. Burgers from In n Out. Pizza from Track Town in Eugene. Anything from Souplantation. The list went on for days.
-Of being hungry but not able to eat much at all
-Being thankful for another day
-And not ONE bird landed on our boat. I credit Phil's work shirt that hung off the back of the boat which smells like a dead body.

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