Sunday, February 19, 2017

Isla Isabel

We are arrived for the 3rd time at Isla Isabel under a partially full moon around midnight and dropped anchor. Only with trusted waypoints would we attempt dropping anchor in the middle of the night. If you plan to visit Isla Isabel we recommend the way points from Sean and Heather's guide near Las Monas. While the other anchorage near the fish camp may appear to provide more protection, we've only met one boat who was successful at anchoring in the other spot. 

As with our other visits to Isla Isabel, we were greeted with dozens of humback whales, schools of fish and an island full of boobies. Don't go to Isla Isabel and not hike the small'll be missing the whole point of anchoring in such a gorgeous place. 

We've all agreed that boobies remind of us golden retrievers, cute, docile and not much going on upstairs. 

We called this yoga bird, Namaste.

Boobie couple, Bob and Betsy

Baby frigate peeking out of the nest
Come for the boobies, stay for the iguanas

Each time we have visited Isla Isabel it's been during nesting season for boobies and just after when the baby (not so cute) frigates have been born. We stumbled across a baby frigate that had unfortunately fallen from his nest and was literally screaming (wretched sound) for his mother who was nowhere in sight. It was tough for our daughters to continue walking away from him knowing he wouldn't make it 24 hours.

We also came across an egg that had fallen from a nest and most likely provided a meal to a lizard. 

We love that blue footed boobies have different shades of blue. All so cute!

We are currently in La Cruz finishing up with large projects like installing 500 watts of new solar and creating a new solar array, amung various other projects.  We are eyeballing the last week in March to take off across the Pacific. 

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  1. Wow we're so jealous! Isla Isabel is like the Galapagos, without a massive ocean crossing...! We'd love to visit. Who knows, maybe one day we'll sail across the pond and through the Panama Canal :)