Monday, May 2, 2016

Steinbeck Canyon Hike near Puerto Escondido

As much as we love Puerto Escondido, after a few days we find ourselves looking for something fun to do. If you don't know, Puerto Escondido is gorgeous but anchoring here is the equivalent to stranding yourself in the middle of BFE. Other than the FONATUR marina with their less than marginal WiFi and empty pool there's a small restaurant up the street and that's it. A round trip taxi to Loretto will cost about $50. 

Steinbeck Canyon lies behind Puerto Escondido and is highly recommended for everyone looking to spend a few hours hiking in a gorgeous spot. To get to the trail, leave the marina and walk towards the mountain range, past HWY 1, past the electric station and keep walking till the road ends. Once the dirt road ends, head right and follow the "duckies" or  cairns. The hike is broken into two parts.. The lower part has "pools" although theres no water this time of year. The second part of the hike involves climbing ropes up to a "waterfall" thats also dry this time of year. The hike used to have ropes to help with the intense steep hike to the waterfalls but as of this season, someone has taken down the ropes and you now need to provide your own. 

The view of the anchorage from the hike

Follow the cairns to the top

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  1. guys move fast! Not sure when you are hauling out but we would love to catch up with again this season. We are in La Paz but leaving in about 5 days and starting our trip north to wind up in San Carlos sometime in mid June. Take care.
    SV Liahona
    Bret and Marne