Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sailing the northern Sea of Cortez....what a change

We made it to the northern Sea of Cortez and wow what a difference 80 miles makes. Sailing north from Santa Rosalia things drastically  changed. We found ourselves in feast or fathom winds blowing in between 35 knots and nothing, water that turned emerald green, and surrounded by fin whales. By the time we had arrived in San Francisquito I felt sick.....sick from staring through binoculars for hours watching the enormous amount of whales! From the boat it looked like we were surrounded by smoke stacks from all the whale spouts. Completely amazing. The only vision that was less than amazing was the Sea water temperature gage.

Holy crap! Check this out..

What is it? More whales?

I wish! For every hour we've sailed the temp has dropped a degree. It's hardly 70 degrees 

Not sure why we were surprised the water temp had dropped so much, we've been sailing in fleece for the past week, a far cry from a year ago when we were sweating our butts off running from a hurricane. 

A common sight in the northern Sea is white objects, that appear to be rocks or old fenders and actually it's washed up whale bones....and they're everywhere .

Searching for the perfect momento in a pile of whale bones

Yes, we're sailing with whale bones.


  1. awesome blog guys, I'm taking notes! Can't wait to get back on the water.

  2. I popped over from Bumfuzzel when I saw the word Charleston! It jumped right out at me. Don't find very many cruisers from Charleston that is for sure. My husband and I began our adventures in the late '80s and ended in 2007 in Charleston where we settled for a few years. We were in Mexico for many seasons - returning to CA and working summers. Later, with another sailboat we sailed to Nova Scotia and then the Bahamas and back to Maryland where we had bought the boat. After living and working in Charleston for 6 years we toured in our RV. Now we only go in the summer and are living in Yuma AZ - retired and getting old. We turn 70 and 75 this year and have NO regrets for the lifestyle we chose! I will enjoy following you. Happy Adventuring!