Friday, May 13, 2016

Cost to Cruise --- April 2016

Here are the costs for a family of four to cruise Mexico. We're happy to be back into the Sea of Cortez as there's really no place to spend money the farther north you sail. Before heading off into the Sea of Cortez one needs to provision hefty, especially north of Loreto as the farther north you go the less "real" grocery stores you'll encounter. We just filled one of our gas tanks for the last time and did our last provisioning as we plan to haul out for hurricane season. Unfortunately, we have about one month left of sailing before we haul out...time to eat all the food, drink all the beer and enjoy our final weeks. Don't worry...there's another sailing season in our future. Heck, there's even talk of actually sailing away from Mexico.

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  1. Not really. If you go to Guaymas / San Carlos, there is all the grocery, fuel and mechanical you need and want. Further north is Puerto Penasco, good palace for a short stop, see Active Captain for both locations. SV Dawn Treader

  2. thank you, very cheap prices you have, if you want to have a cold cruise just check this out!