Friday, April 22, 2016

Los Gatos. Reason # 43732 why we love the Sea of Cortez.

We're baaaaaack! You've never met a happier group of sailors than us...we are so happy to be back in the Sea of Cortez.  The past few weeks we had noticed that Emma was a little off...feeling meh. We had asked her if she was "over it", perhaps she was ready to get off the boat and go "home"...where ever that is. She insisted she'd be fine...just wasn't feeling herself. Probably had something to do with the month long stay in marinas attempting to fix various issues with the boat, that made all of us feel icky.

No more than when our anchor grazed the sand at Los Gatos, Emma was first on deck with her bathing suit on.  "Let's hike up the red rocks!"  "Can we have a bonfire?"  "Mom, can I have a bottle to collect sand...this is my favorite place?"  Emma had her sparkle back. We all did. Los Gatos reminds me of the red rocks in Sedona, Arizona. Red rocks placed on the edge of gin colored water with reefs on the outskirts of the bay perfect for snorkeling. I could go on for days...we love it here! Last night we had a bonfire under an almost full moon against red rocks with our new friends off M/V Adagio. Life is good in the Sea. 


  1. So glad Emma (and the whole crew) have their sparkle back!!!! Your photographs are absolutely stunning!!!!!

  2. I'm stoked you met Adigio. Great pictures. Hi girls (me waving).

  3. Wow. Great photos, Aimie! Im definitely adding "Los Gatos" to our "must visit" list. We're still in La Paz getting to know the town, since this is our first visit here. We'll be heading north in the next few weeks and will definitely see you guys then! Sail on! XO Liz and Chris Chesney s/v espiritu