Thursday, April 7, 2016

Cost to Cruise March 2016

March started out with a bang, just us and few hundred friends at the  Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival.  I've said it a thousand times, Zihuatanejo is our favorite cruising town. We think the only reason people get "stuck" in places like La Paz and La Cruz, is because they haven't been down to Zihuatanejo.  Even with all the fun to be had during the festival we were on track with our monthly budget.

Then it hit the fan. The mixing elbow needed to be repaired, we ended up needed to rebuild our transmission, after taking on water it became apparent that the stern log needed some attention and now we're sitting in a marina repairing our davits as they all but peeled off the boat coming around Cabo Corrientes in the middle of the night. It sucks when everything fails all at once. Had we been living on land this would have been the week one of us had gotten into a fender bender only to come home and realize the AC doesn't work and that the washing machine decided to finally die. Crap like this happens regardless of where you live.

I'm proud of how our family has handled each situation and how we've been able to keep our spirits high. Today is the first day of sad faces. We're soooooo ready to get into the Sea of Cortez. One of the major reasons we decided against continuing south towards Panama was that we weren't done sailing Mexico. We have our first visitor coming to sail with us in two weeks! Which is probably why we're starting to feel a little antsy...we have hundreds on miles to go and not much time to do it. When we planned our friends trip we had "plenty" of time, "more than enough time"...ya well......

Many thanks to our "buy us a beer" donors....we really appreciate you, especially this month!

Ryan Rodgers
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