Sunday, March 6, 2016

Zihuatanejo's International Guitar Fest

"Zihuatanejo??? You're going alllllll the way down there before heading back into the Sea of Cortez? That's really far."

Then we explain to people that we have already been to Zihuatanejo this season. Twice. Why not a third time with great friends for an awesome festival?

The opening night of the International festival gave us more than we had bargained for and drew artistits from the States, and far off places such as India and Brazil. The kids quickly went from griping about having to "sit here for 5 hours" to wanting to hunt down more live music after it was all done. Sneaking into the VIP section for a better view probably helped their appreciation.

The hardest task of this upcoming week will be to plan which artist to see what nights. 

An artist playing alongside his shadow.

Every festival night should end at the street meat cart! 


  1. Great pictures Aimme! Super fun night with the gang.

  2. Well done, Aimme. As you know, getting good photos of musicians performing on stage is not easy, but you've done it. You've inspired me! Maybe we'll make the fest next year. See you guys soon, as we'll all be heading to the Sea! Liz and Chris, s/v Espiritu :-)

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