Friday, November 27, 2015

You should know about Zihuatanejo

Here we go again, falling in love with another Mexican "Z" town. First it was Zacatecas delighting us with its 8000-foot elevation and vibrant International folklore festival and now Zihuatanejo. 

Zihuatanejo is everything we love all wrapped into one. Long, clean beaches near a cool little town (without the huge resorts) Zihuatanejo is everything other cruisers said it would be and has quickly become our new favorite. 

This Mexican beach town has only been sprinkled with gringo influence so that you can shop at the local veggie market then grab a cold $1 beer and watch an American sports game at a local cantina. The people here seem especially friendly and very welcoming. On several occasions, locals have told us how much they appreciate Americans coming to visit and thanked us for being here. With an international airport only 8 miles away, there's no need to head to dirty overpriced resorts elsewhere, come to "Z-town" and thank us later. 

Our most memorable time in Z-town will be the releasing of baby turtles. The experience is spectacular, you feel happy and sad all at the same time. Happy that the little babies are headed home and sad knowing that only one in a thousand has a chance to see adulthood. We'd love to stay in our new favorite town, but we must head south as we have plans to be in El Salvador for Christmas. 

If you cruise here, be sure to let Alfonzo assist with your dingy. He doesn't ask for anything but certainly appreciates a few pesos thrown his way for a cold cerveza. One day we forgot to take the kill switch with us and Alfonzo kept it for us while waiting all day for our return. 

Phil and Alfonzo

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