Saturday, July 11, 2015

72 hours in Districto Federal. Or the city you know as Mexico City

We survived a trip to the World's 10th largest city. While in District Federal (Mexico City) we spent time visiting museums, checking out art galleries, discovering cathedrals of all ages, exploring the Zocalo, paying a visit to the Presidential Palace and watched a performance of Danza de los Voladores. After 3 days in the heart of the city, we were ready to come home to a much smaller and quieter SMA.

Our favorite parts of our trip?

Emma: The awesome street food,climbing the pyramids and seeing a real Chac Mool.
Jessica: Seeing the Diego Rivera murals at the Presidential palace.
Aimee: Walking up the sames steps to the top of the pyramids as I had done when I was the girls age.
Phil: Thought the Templo Mayor was awesome, not as awesome as the pastor street tacos.

I'm currently working on a blog post that will serve as a great resource for those who Homeschool, Roadschool, Boatschool, Worldschool and even Unschool. Phew! That's a lot of school. As a parent who has taken my daughter's education into my own hands, I especially loved watching our daughters faces light up when they could match the experiences they were having in Mexico City to what I've spent time teaching them recently. 

As Worldschoolers, we choose to teach our girls about their current environment. There's no point (at least to us) in taking a trip to see parts of Mexico's history if there's no point of reference. Each day our girls would get excited to see something they knew the history about or remember seeing in a book we have recently read. 

Pyramid of the Sun


Mexico City, a city built on top of old temples. It's a surreal feeling to be standing on century old ruins watching modern life take place within a stones throw.


A real Chaac Mool


Angel of Independence


Side streets with good, cheap food.

World Famous Aztec Sun Stone

My favorite "statue".  Statue of the dead.

The girls recognized the Aztec Warrior from their history book.
One of our favorite attractions is the FREE entrance into the Presidential Palace that features murals by Diego Rivera.                                 

The 3 men in the middle portray Spanish Conquistadors, the man on the left is green as the Conquistadors brought horrible diseases.

Getting squirrely at the Presidential Palace

We witnessed a performance of Danza de los Voladores. A ceremony to appease the gods in hopes of creating rain, starts with men dressed in traditional garb, walking around a large pole to the sound of a flute. 

The four men then crawl up the pole and tie themselves to rope and then fall back and "fly", swinging around the pole getting closer to the ground which each rotation. 

Even while flying upside down, the one man never quit playing the flute and using his little drum

I couldn't help but take this picture. Reminded me of Jane's Addiction. 


  1. Your pictures just get better, they're so much fun to see.

  2. Looks awesome you guys! Keep the pics coming.