Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Cat and his Staff


Don't threaten me with a good time.
My name is Murphy aka Captain Fluff. I'm the soon to be 16 year old cat aboard SV Terrapin. It all started in 1999 when I was a beautiful little kitten looking for a "good" home. Only a few weeks old and living in the back of an outside bar I came across Phil and Aimee. Once I hoped into Aimee's lap and fell asleep I knew I had found my parents. 

I didn't even care that after being driven to my new home around midnight I awoke the next morning to the following conversation;

"Holy Crap, did we seriously bring home a cat from a bar last night?"

"Damn!!  Talk about having "beer goggles".

Eight houses, three states, two kids, two countries and one boat later, here I am!

I live with Keeper of the Cat Box (the lady on the boat refers to him as "Phil"), My Personal Concierge (she's often referred to as "Aimee"), Merv the Perv (a child who is often called, "Stop molesting the Cat" and sometimes called "Emma") and Hat Lady (a girl referred to as "Please leave your sister alone", "Jess the Mess" and on rare occasion "Jessica")

So what's it like to live what others refer to as my "Twilight Years" on the boat? Pretty awesome, actually. 
This is me sailing. I lay were I please.

Here, I'm having stern words with the swabby about throwing back "my fish"

Here I'm comfortably sleeping  while sailing thanks to My Personal Concierge

I've been deemed by my family as "The Worlds Most Tolerant Cat" and rightfully so. Hat Lady thinks it's fun to put various hats on my head and take photos. I'm not sure who I'd like to use as a scratch post more, Hat Lady or her parents that buy the damn things
Santa? Do I look like I care if you've been bad or good? I could give a rats rip!

Why do I really need 9 lives? I was done with this family 4 lives ago!

I LOATH the chicken hat. Really? If you wanted a chicken you should have gotten one. Don't expect me to shoot an egg out my rear..that's taking it too far.
I love catching the sun rise with My Personal Concierge. 

Damn, I'm handsome in front of another sunrise.

My Personal Concierge makes sure that although I don't snorkel, I still get to enjoy some of the sea life. 

Because I get what I want, I'll just lay right here while you sail the boat.

Better believe I eat first around here. You first, after me!

It's probably not the best idea that Keeper of the Cat Box also cooks my meals. Never can he cook anything without me breathing down his neck. He hates it, I love it.
Trust me, I've always got a place to lay down. What? You were laying here first? Tough!
Did I mention, I'm almost 16 years old? That means My Personal Concierge will let me get away with anything, like sleeping in between her and Keeper of the Cat Box. Her pillow? My pillow? Same difference.

Life's good aboard SV Terrapin. I'm finally over sea sickness as I've adjusted to sailing. I love to sit on the cockpit cushions in the sun and look at the birds. Thankfully My Personal Concierge has implemented the "One hand only on the cat" policy as the kids think I'm not hot enough without their sweaty little hands on me.

Of worthy note. We brought with us 50 pounds of rolled oats to use as cat liter which worked "just okay". It's nice for Keeper of the Cat Box to be able to just toss over the use oats without hurting the environment. It's tough to replace that many rolled oats in Mexico and we've had to move on to regular liter. I don't have personal floatation device as I don't move from the cushions in the cockpit. I'm almost 16...I'm not going anywhere! I lay in different spots throughout the day, eat, sleep and poop. I'm not one to run around at night, or attempt to swim. I'm old.

Really, this isn't a blog about a family and their cat,sailing. This is a blog about a Cat and his Staff.


  1. sweet sweet boss cat. bubba approves. you are as beautiful as he is. rockin.

  2. A great read! Gave me a few good giggles! I am hopeful Bandit our border collie will do as well !

  3. A great read! Gave me a few good giggles! I am hopeful Bandit our border collie will do as well !