Thursday, March 5, 2015

An island covered in boobies

Isla Isabel, a slice of natures paradise you've never heard of. This isolated volcanic island is a World Herritage Site and is home to the blue-footed boobie (they're not just found in the Galapagos) and many other nesting birds. We reached Isla Isabel exactly 48 hours after leaving Cabo and hope to be back before  leaving Mexico. We literaly couldn't take a step without the worry of stepping on a reptile, bird's nest or other animal. Isla Isabel offers a caldera in the middle of the island filled with water, the shores were covered in both white coral and volcanic rock offering a beautiful contrast. Because of the islands isolation, the water is a spectacular blue and offers amazing snorkeling. We must of come at the perfect time, there were bird nests everywhere! We were careful when hiking the island to avoid the many female boobies who were sitting on their nests. 

Blue-footed boobie.  So Cute!!

Coral and volcanic rocks along the shore.

    Watch your step!

   Many different shades of blue on their feet.

   Good mama, sitting on her eggs.

   Mom and baby frigate bird.

   Stunning Isla Isabel

  Frigate birds

Male frigate bird attempting to impress the ladies

After a strenous hike to the top a great view of the caldera

   Handsome blue-footed boobie

82 degrees and crystal clear water makes for great snorkeling

Poor Murphy can't snorkel, so we bring the sealife to him. 


  1. Know the girls were excited to be around all the amazing wildlife! What incredible experiences & education for you all. I'm so envious!!! Thank you for sharing so we can all live vicariously through you! Love you so much!
    Mom in SC

  2. We stayed at Sayulita a few years ago and had a fantastic time! Very remote, friendly people and beautiful scenery! Savor the moments!!

    Jan and Dave (the Southern Allens)

  3. Oh my goodness...These are some of the most beautiful pictures that I have ever seen! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to start my day with these! Be safe and have fun!